Dishwasher Detailing

Do you keep opening your “clean” dishwasher to find dirty dishes?

Dishwashers serve the purpose of cleaning and sanitising your dishes, pots, and pans. Many clients overlook the fact that without regular cleaning itself, your dishwasher may not be functioning at its best to sanitise and clean your dishes.
Regardless if your Dishwasher is used daily, weekly or monthly visible or hidden build-up of mould and food which can be hidden in seals, around filters or even in the pipes which can cause blockages and impact on its lifespan.

Dishwashers require regular maintenance which involves cleaning and de-scaling to prevent the build-up of germs and ensure it runs smoothly, allowing water to pass freely through filters helping it to last longer.


Our Dishwasher Detailing Service includes:
  • Wipe and sanitise wall and shelves
  • Clean Dishwasher Seals
  • Empty and Clean Dishwasher Filters, and
  • Wipe and polish Dishwasher Exterior

Let us clean and increase the cleaning efficiency of your dishwasher with our Dishwasher Detailing Service. We service throughout Sydney metro and the central coast.

Call and speak to our friendly team and organise an appointment today on 1800 325 773!