Fridge/Freezer Detailing

Are you sick and tired of wiping down your fridge shelves with antibacterial wipes, polishing clothes or with a cloth and never achieving that brand-new fridge feel? Instead of removing the harmful bacteria, mould, and pathogens you may be merely eliminating visible spills.

Fridges and Freezers should be defrosted and cleaned at least every four months to ensure that any pathogens and contaminants don’t make their way into your food and freezer seals. Regular cleaning and detailing will also ensure that your whitegoods remain in the best possible condition for years to come.

Fridge Cleaning
Apart from the health and hygiene component of a fridge requiring regular cleaning with or without spills, it can also ensure your fridge lasts longer. Meaning you will be able to spend your hard earned on money on the things that make you happy!


Our Fridge Cleaning Service Includes:
  • Removing shelves and soaking
  • Polishing inside walls and shelves
  • Wipe and polish Fridge seals
  • We deodorise your fridge, not by masking the smell but by sanitising any remaining bacteria, and
  • Polishing Fridge exterior

Freezer Cleaning
To many, a Freezer Clean is going through the drawers and throwing out food that has been in there for months or years. A full freezer clean involves defrosting and wiping and polishing all shelves and walls.


Freezer Detailing Service includes:
  • Defrosting freezers
  • Removing shelves and soaking
  • Polishing inside walls and shelves
  • Wipe and Polish Seals, and
  • Wipe and Polish Freezer exterior

At Oven Express we clean Fridge and Freezers of all sizes and shapes throughout Sydney metro and the central coast.

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