Oven cleaning

The oven detailing service is the best solution for your oven cleaning needs, tailored to individual customers' requirements. Known for professional and quality service, our experienced team of technicians provides the highest levels of customer care. Oven Express' priority is to uphold four standards of service: punctuality, pride, courtesy and quality.

Oven detailing is more than just cleaning. Oven Express cleans the hidden and hard-to-reach parts of your oven, leaving it spotless.

The oven detailing process typically includes:
  • Removal and cleaning of oven door, racks and side rack holders using premium quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic oven cleaner agents
  • Complete of the control knobs, door and side panelling -prime areas where fat, oil and other leftovers have accumulated
  • Deep cleaning in the Oven Express van of oven racks, base and steel rack holders